May 20, 2024

Abyss Early Access: From Chaos

**As many of you know, our journey into Early Access with Abyss Online has encountered chaos. We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Our team is working tirelessly to address the issues and improve your experience.**

We encourage anyone who wished to purchase Abyss to wait at least a few weeks until we sort out the game-breaking bugs that plague our Early Access launch. Currently, we have turned our free playtest off so that we can focus on getting game-breaking bugs fixed. Our free playtest will be opened up again in a few weeks.

### Acknowledging the Issues

We have heard your concerns and acknowledge the bugs and issues many of you have experienced. We apologize for any frustration caused and are taking immediate steps to address these problems. We are firmly committed to building back stronger and reestablishing trust with our community.

### 🛠️ Bug List & Fixes in Progress 🛠️

**Game Breaking Bugs:**

- **Single Sign-On System:** Mostly fixed. Please report any issues!

- **Invisible Armor/Weapon:** Fix in progress, ETA early next week.

- **HP/Mana Bug:** Fix identified, ETA early next week.

- **Desync:** Solution in progress, ETA early next week.

- **Game Crash on Login:** Immediate fix planned, ETA this weekend.

- **World and Character Saves:** Fix coming next week; in the meantime, you will start with resources/equipment to test different systems like building, crafting, and combat in the game.

- **Heavy focus on optimization:** We are improving the way landscapes are rendered, making the game available on more machines.

- **UI and hotkey rework:** We will begin reworking our entire UI and hotkey system. ETA late next week.

### Our Plan Moving Forward

**Frequent and Transparent Communication:**

We will provide regular updates on our progress, addressing both the fixes being made and the new content being developed. Transparency is key to rebuilding trust.

**Frequent Updates and Patches:**

Expect frequent updates to address bugs and enhance gameplay. These will be rolled out incrementally to ensure a smoother experience.

**Major Content Updates:**

We are planning significant content updates that will introduce new features, improve existing systems, and add more depth to the game. These updates will be milestones in our development journey. Once we fix the main game-breaking issues, we will begin posting more news on this.

**Community Engagement:**

Active engagement with our community is crucial. We will be holding Q&A sessions in Discord, engaging on forums, and listening closely to your feedback. Your input will directly influence our development priorities.

**Acknowledgement and Apologies:**

We acknowledge the issues and sincerely apologize for any shortcomings. We are committed to making things right and delivering a game worthy of your time and support.

**Iterative Improvements:**

Continuous improvement is our goal. We will iteratively enhance the game based on your feedback and ensure that Abyss Online evolves into a game that meets and exceeds your expectations.

### Join Us in Shaping the Future of Abyss Online

We understand that the current state of the game may be frustrating, but your feedback and participation are key to creating the world of Aeternea we all dream of. Thank you for embarking on this journey with us, and we look forward to making Abyss Online an unforgettable experience together.

Stay tuned for updates, and may your swords stay sharp and your spells be ever potent!

Warm regards,  

The Abyss Online Team