May 13, 2024

Abyss Early Access

Abyss Chapter 1: "Chaos"

Early Access - May 16th

Beneath the black void of a moonless night, the first Voidgate tore open the fabric of reality deep in the Old World—a vast wilderness rich in ancient ruins and lore. This mysterious realm, where the barriers between worlds were fragile, became the first battleground in a war prophesied by ancient texts.
As the Voidgate pulsated with ominous energy, Elara, a ranger dedicated to these ancient lands, watched as monstrous beings emerged. Orcs, trolls, and goblins spilled into the Old World, each group unleashing havoc in their unique way.

The world's alarms sounded, calling its people to arms. But as Elara surveyed the chaos, a deeper understanding dawned on her. This was not just a war of defense but a fundamental struggle to restore and remember the old ways essential for survival.

With civilization thrust back to its roots by the presence of these invaders, humanity needed to relearn forgotten skills crucial for reshaping life amidst destruction. Elara envisioned a quest not only for survival but for rebirth. She saw the necessity of rekindling ancient knowledge of foraging, crafting, gathering, farming, and building—skills that had sustained her ancestors in these very woods.

As she prepared to venture forth, Elara became a beacon for others. She gathered around her a diverse group of survivors—engineers who remembered the old blueprints; farmers who knew the seeds that would thrive untended; craftsmen with hands skilled in shaping wood and stone without modern tools. Together, they aimed to reclaim control from the chaos unleashed by the Voidgate.

Their mission became a vital one: to rebuild a society that respected the delicate balance between human needs and the natural world. Each day brought new challenges—raids from goblins seeking their hoarded resources, or the looming threat of trolls tearing through their freshly cultivated fields. Yet, each obstacle also brought the community closer, binding them in their shared goal of restoration.

As Elara and her companions laid down the foundations of a new settlement, fortified by the very trees the trolls had uprooted, they also laid the groundwork for a new era. Here, in the shadow of the Voidgate, they would forge a society that could withstand the chaos of any world—be it from the Abyss or beyond.

The age of the Abyss had begun, not just as an era of darkness, but as a dawn of rediscovery. Humanity would not only survive; it would thrive by reembracing the ancient rhythms of life that the Old World whispered to them through the wind in the trees and the earth beneath their feet.

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