When will the playtest on Steam start?
What will be the price for Early Access?
What is the difference between Early Access (EA) and a full game release?
What is the game's PvP system like?
Is there crafting in the game?
Does Abyss have controller support?
Will there be a cash shop?
Will there be PvE content like dungeons and raids?
Is the game action combat or tab-targeted?
What are the system requirements for Abyss Online?
Can I stream Abyss Online gameplay?
Will there be larger-scale PvP and objectives like castle raids?
How does the server architecture work?
Will there be regional bonuses for each city?
Will there be a skill tree?
What engine is the game built on?
How many developers are working on Abyss Online?
How are you planning to grow the player base of Abyss Online?
Will there be grouping in the playtest?
Is there friendly fire in PvP?
Will there be healing weapons/classes?
Will the playtest have crafting?
How does server architecture work in Abyss Online?
Will there be safe zones for new players?
What PvP systems are in Abyss Online?
Are there any measures to prevent players from griefing newcomers?
How does the open-world system compare to other games?
Are there arenas with no gear score cap or hardcapped skills/equipment?
Where are the most valuable resources and end-game content located?
How will pricing work for different regions?
Will there be larger-scale PvP objectives and castle raids?
Is there a sense of progression in the game?
Can players choose builds that don't require using many abilities?
When will dungeons be introduced?

May 2024

Enter The Abyss