Join the Abyss Online Development Team!

Are you passionate about game development and eager to contribute to an epic MMORPG adventure? Abyss Online, set in the mystical realm of Aeternea, is on a quest to expand our talented team as we venture deeper into the development of our Early Access game. We're seeking skilled and dedicated developers to help us overcome current challenges, refine our game, and create a captivating experience for our players.

Abyss Online is an ambitious MMORPG where players explore diverse biomes, uncover ancient mysteries, and engage in dynamic, classless combat. Set in the enchanting world of Aeternea, our game promises rich lore, immersive multiplayer experiences, and a thriving sandbox environment. As we progress through Early Access, we are committed to improving the game based on community feedback and ensuring a stable, enjoyable experience for all adventurers.

Please send resumes to

Networked Gameplay Programmers - Full Time
Technical Artists - Full Time
AI Programmers - Part Time
UI/UX Designers - Part Time

Pre-alpha early access

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