Core Concepts

Create and Destroy

Weapon And Armor Abilites

Combat in Abyss

Combat skills are bound to weapon and armor slots, determining your fighting capabilities. Whether you prefer the direct approach of melee combat or the strategic positioning of ranged and magic attacks, mastering these skills is key to overcoming your foes.

Everspring Sword
Weapon Skills

Weapon skills enhance your proficiency with various types of weapons, each offering unique abilities and combat styles. Mastering these skills allows you to deal more damage, use special attacks, and gain tactical advantages over your enemies.

Everspring Armor
Armor Skills

Armor skills bolster your defense, reducing damage taken and providing resistances to various types of attacks. These skills are tied to the three main armor categories: Heavy, Light, and Medium, each suited to different playstyles.

Utility Skills

Crafting and Gathering

Beyond the heat of battle, crafting and gathering skills are essential for supporting your adventures and enabling you to craft unique items, gear, and consumables. These skills are divided into:

Exchange Lore
Crafting Skills

Crafting skills empower you to forge and tailor equipment, cook food, enchant items, and even build structures. These skills are invaluable for players looking to tailor their gear and consumables to specific playstyles or needs.

Old World Town
Gathering Skills

The backbone of crafting, gathering skills allow you to collect the myriad resources scattered throughout the world of Abyss. From the depths of ancient forests to the heart of towering mountains, mastering these skills will ensure you always have access to the materials you need.

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