Open Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.7

May 12, 2024

There were lots of tiny patches between V0.65 and V0.7 mainly addressing polish of the prior patches. V0.7 is a large update:

- New Loading Screen- New Login Screen

- Players can now reserve names

- Mini Map and Map functional

- Mini Map displays enemies

- Can now mark minimap

- Points of Interest are now in, now functional on map

- Moongate (Portals) now functional

- Starter zone now part of the world map

- Mob AI update

- Different tiers of orcs are now in including Elite, Warrior, Summoner, and Reed Shark summons.

- Auto attacks have been completely reworked

- Unarmed combat now works

- 10 new status effects

- Invisible armor and weapons are being addressed, mostly fixed

May 2024

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