Open Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.56

April 19, 2024

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • Prayer Animation:
  • Extended the timer for the prayer animation to improve visual clarity and responsiveness.
  • Ground Slash Particle:
  • Increased the size of the ground slash particle effect to enhance visibility and impact.
  • Sword Abilities:
    • Sword Q: Adjusted the timer to correctly match the intended ability cooldown.
    • Sword Charge Animation: Reduced the length of the sword charge animation to streamline combat flow.

  • Purge Ability:
  • Refined the particle effects for a cleaner and more pronounced visual experience.
  • Character UI:
    • Health Bar: Removed the redundant health bar in the top left corner to declutter the UI.
    • Bow R Ability: Adjusted the origin of the particle effect to emit directly from the bow rather than behind the head.

  • Character Movement:
    • Leg Twitch: Addressed the leg twitch issue to ensure smoother character animations.
    • Turning Mechanics: Improved the character's ability to turn left, enhancing control and maneuverability.

  • Combat and Effects:
    • Hammer Smash Particle: Reduced the size of the Hammer Smash particle effect to better match the impact area.
    • Dodge Roll Particle: Synchronized the dodge roll particle timing with the animation for improved visual feedback.

  • Character and Camera:
    • Starting Movement: Fixed the issue causing the character to start out walking and the camera to lock unexpectedly.

  • System Updates:
    • Armor and Weapons:
      • Gigantify Ability: Restored the health addition functionality to the Gigantify ability.
      • Armor Attributes: Differentiated mana and health bonuses across various armor types to diversify gameplay strategies.

    • Game Mechanics:
      • Hotbar System: Implemented a hotbar for quick access to potions, bandages, weapon swaps, and ultimate abilities.
      • Building and Crafting: Enhanced the building and crafting systems with improved icons and functionality.
      • Mouse Control: Fixed issues related to mouse locking to ensure smoother gameplay interaction.

  • Visual and Audio Polish:
    • Particle and Animation Polish: Conducted extensive polish on various particles and animations to enhance the overall aesthetic and functional quality of the game.
    • Auto Attack: Polished auto-attack animations and mechanics for a more fluid combat experience.
    • Ability Sounds: Reintroduced sounds for abilities to enrich the auditory feedback during gameplay.

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