Open Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.55

April 17, 2024

Movement Overhaul

  • Enhanced Fluidity: Significant improvements to character movement mechanics for a smoother, more responsive gameplay experience.
  • New Controls: Introduction of advanced movement options, including sprint toggle and responsive dodge mechanics.

Camera and Cursor System Overhaul

  • Dynamic Camera: Revamped camera system with better collision detection and adaptive zoom levels.
  • Improved Cursor Interaction: Enhanced cursor accuracy and interaction with the game world, supporting a more intuitive user interface.


  • Area of Effect (AoE) Radius Indicators
  • Visual Clarity: Added clear, visible indicators for all AoE abilities, helping players better strategize their placements and understand their effective ranges.

Heavy Performance Boost

  • Optimization: Comprehensive optimizations have been implemented, significantly reducing load times and improving frame rates across various hardware.
  • Memory Management: Enhanced memory handling to decrease the likelihood of crashes and stabilize performance.

Content Updates

  • Landscape Patch Fixes
  • Terrain Corrections: Addressed numerous issues with missing patches in landscapes, ensuring a seamless and immersive environment.
  • Enhanced Detailing: Improved textures and details across various biomes for a more lifelike experience.
  • Introduction of Animals for Basic Testing
  • New Wildlife: Various species of animals have been introduced into the game for testing interactions and ecosystem dynamics.
  • Behavioral Patterns: Each animal exhibits unique behaviors, adding depth to the game's realism.
    Gameplay Adjustments
  • Doubling of All Damage
  • Increased Impact: All forms of damage have been doubled, amplifying the intensity and quickening the pace of combat.
  • Balance Adjustments: Necessary tweaks have been made to enemy health and player defenses to maintain a balanced and challenging gameplay experience.

Known Issues

  • Some players may experience graphical glitches with the new AoE radius indicators on lower-end systems. We are actively working on a fix.
  • Interaction with certain newly introduced animals may cause unexpected behavior. Please report any inconsistencies.

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