UE-5.3.2 - V0.53

Open Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.53

April 13, 2024

Gameplay Updates

  • Mana Regeneration: Significantly increased mana regen.
  • Health Regeneration: Decreased health regen.
  • Cast Indication bar added, spell interrupts will begin working soon.
  • Buff/Debuff indicator added, 
  • Skill Adjustments:
    • Prayer: Cast time issue has been fixed for a smoother casting experience.
    • Swift Caster: This skill now consumes mana upon use.
    • Purge: This skill now consumes mana upon use.
    • Blink: Now costs mana.
  • Tools Functionality:
    • Hatchets: Functionality of hatchets has been restored.
    • Pickaxes: Pickaxes are now fully operational.

Combat and Encounters

  • Roaming Dragon Encounter: A new dragon encounter has been added for testing. It includes flight and damage mechanics, which are still under refinement. Currently, it should only shoot fire from the sky.
  • Weapon Damage: Corrections have been made to the damage output on most weapons to ensure balance and consistency across gameplay.
  • Fall Through World Bug: This issue has been fixed, preventing players from accidentally falling through the map during gameplay.
  • Fixed Spell Issues: Many spells that were not working correctly or consuming mana have now been fixed.

User Interface and Quality of Life

  • UI Improvements:
    • Skill Descriptions: Skill descriptions have been re-added to the game interface.
    • Key Bindings: The UI now prominently displays key bindings:
      • [G] - Interact
      • [L] - Next Target
      • [Q] - Toggle Mouse On/Off
      • [V] - Switch to First Person View
      • [Z] - Enable/Disable Auto Attack
    • UI Lock on Death: The issue where the UI would lock upon player death has been resolved.
    • All Basic Buttons: UI now shows all basic buttons for easier navigation.
  • Login Click Spam: The bug that caused issues when clicking rapidly on the login button has been fixed.

Environment and Navigation

  • Blocking Volumes: Blocking volumes have been added to prevent players from easily falling off the map.
  • Vendors: Vendors have been installed in the town, providing players with additional resources and services.

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Hatchets and pickaxes are now functional.
  • Boosted mana regeneration across the board.
  • Major fixes to spells that were previously not working or incorrectly consuming mana.
  • Fall through the world bug and UI lock on death issues have been resolved.
  • New "random dragon encounter" boss is in testing; it primarily attacks by shooting fire from the sky.
  • Login click spam bug has been addressed.
  • Blocking volumes added to improve player safety on the map.
  • Vendors are now available in town, and UI shows all basic buttons for improved gameplay interaction.

We appreciate your feedback and participation in making Abyss Online a continually evolving and engaging experience. Thank you for being a vital part of our community!

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