UE-5.3.2 - V0.5

Closed Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.5 - Change List

March 27, 2024

Gameplay Mechanic Fixes:

  • Combat and Abilities Adjustments:
    • Stun and Slow Deactivation: Fixed issues where stun and slow effects would not deactivate properly.
    • Purge Particle Effect: Resolved a bug causing the purge particle effect to remain active indefinitely.
    • Swiftcaster Ability: Adjusted the Swiftcaster ability to ensure it does not completely negate cooldowns, maintaining balance in gameplay.
    • Skills Range Setting: Added a range setting option for skills to enhance strategic gameplay options.
    • Rooted Casting: Implemented rooted casting for most spells to improve combat dynamics.
    • Auto-Attack Adjustments: Addressed inconsistencies with auto-attack functionality, including speed and strength adjustments for the bow auto attack and proper animations and particle effects.
    • Ability Placement: Corrected the placement of Hammer Q and Sword R abilities on the UI to ensure clarity and accessibility.
    • Knock-Up Ability: Fixed the alignment of the knock-up ability to accurately center on targets.
  • Movement and Interaction:
    • Jump Mechanic: Addressed a bug affecting the jump mechanic, including the introduction of a jump cooldown to balance mobility.
    • Collision and Camera Issues: Resolved issues where players clipping into each other or enemies caused camera zoom and ground clipping visuals.
    • Stamina Bar Introduction: Implemented a stamina bar to regulate actions like sprinting and jumping, enhancing the realism and strategy of movement.

Visual and Performance Improvements:

  • Graphics Settings: Adjustments made to low graphics settings to mitigate odd visual appearances, ensuring a consistent aesthetic across different settings.
  • LOD and Mesh Fixes:
    • Mountain Range LOD: Improved the setup of long-distance mountain range Level of Detail (LOD) for better landscape visuals.
    • Monster Mesh Overlap: Fixed instances of monster mesh overlapping with character models to prevent immersion-breaking visuals.
  • Respawn Mechanics: Resolved an issue causing players to respawn under the world on login, which in some cases required a client restart.

Known Issues Under Investigation:

  • Auto-Attack Functionality: We are continuing to refine auto-attack mechanics to ensure responsiveness and consistency across all weapons and abilities.

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