UE-5.3.2 - V0.3

Closed Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.3 - Change List

March 9, 2024

New Features and Gameplay Enhancements:

  • Crafting and Skills Expansion: Over 500 craftable items have been reintroduced to the game, alongside crafting skills such as carpentry, farming, herbalism, blacksmithing, cooking, tanning, jewelry making, and smelting.
  • Open World Building Mechanics: Enabled open world building mechanics for immersive construction and customization.
  • Combat and Targeting System: Implemented an auto attack and tab target system for a more intuitive combat experience.

UI and Interaction Improvements:

  • UI Menu Shortcuts: Enhanced UI menu with buttons for various actions, including [G] for Interact, [L] for Next Target/Tab Target, [Q] for Mouse Toggle, [V] for First Person View, [Z] for Auto Attack toggle, and [Enter] for Chat.
  • Nameplates and Health Bar System: Updated nameplates and health bar systems for better visibility and aesthetics.
  • Map and Quest Integration: Reintegrated mini map, world map, and quest menu for improved navigation and quest tracking.
  • Social Systems: Enhanced Friends/Party/Guild System with integrated chat windows and health bars for seamless social interaction.

Combat and Ability Updates:

  • Particle Effects: Upgraded and polished particle effects for sword abilities (R, E, Q) and the Hammer R ability for more visually compelling combat.
  • Status Effects and Weapon Handling: Improved the visual representation of status effects and adjusted all weapons to correctly position in hand.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Changes:

  • Character Movement and Interaction:some text
    • Addressed character offset and strafing issues to ensure characters turn and lean correctly.
    • Fixed name tag stretching/distortion and blinking issues.
    • Resolved interaction difficulties; zooming in or opening/closing the inventory can now help with interaction issues, especially near the farms.
  • Crafting and Harvesting:some text
    • Fixed server crashes related to harvesting some trees, ensuring stability during resource collection.
  • Combat Mechanics:some text
    • Addressed issues with mouse toggling on screen using abilities like the frost staff's "Q" and the hammer's "Q". A new [Q] button functionality has been added for mouse toggle on/off.
    • Resolved an issue where players would toggle roll animation when jumping, ensuring smooth movement animations.
    • Adjusted auto attack particles for appropriate brightness and visual feedback.
  • Health and Interaction Mechanics:some text
    • Gigantify ability now correctly reduces or heals player to 750 health.
    • Fixed issues with the interact button remaining highlighted and implemented a proper interaction radius.

Known Issues Under Investigation:

  • Interact Functionality: We are looking into intermittent issues with the [G] interact functionality and double-click interactions.
  • First Person View Optimization: The [V] First Person View is currently not optimized, and improvements are planned for future updates.

March 22-25 2024 Closed Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.4 - Change List

Gameplay and Mechanics Adjustments:

  • Skill Balancing: Adjusted damage output for most skills to ensure fair and engaging combat encounters.
  • Ability and Animation Polishing: Improved ability animations for better synchronization and visual feedback during combat.
  • Blocking Volumes: Added blocking volumes at the world's edge to prevent players from falling off.
  • Loot System: Modified loot bag decay rates for a more balanced loot collection experience.
  • Indestructible Objects: Ensured chests, vendors, and workstations are indestructible to maintain world consistency.
  • Foliage Interaction: Adjusted foliage blocking volumes to allow for accurate targeting with spells in areas with dense vegetation.
  • Skill Fixes and Enhancements:some text
    • Resolved issues with Blink/Teleport and Launch skills (Hammer/Sword R) to ensure they work as intended.
    • Fixed the Frost R targeting system and addressed the animation and particle effects of several abilities for clarity and performance.

Visual and Performance Improvements:

  • Graphic Settings: Made significant adjustments and polish to graphic settings for enhanced visual fidelity across different performance levels.
  • Armor and Weapon Display: Fixed issues causing armor and weapons to display incorrectly or become invisible, including at lower settings.
  • Movement and Animation Updates: Updated movement animations for a smoother in-game experience and added specific animations for jumping and flying.
  • Particle Effects: Updated particle effect lighting and fixed issues with particles attaching to the floor or not displaying correctly.
  • Lighting and Culling: Improved map and particle effect lighting, updated culling distances, and enhanced map performance.
  • Character Models: Addressed an issue where removing armor could make body parts invisible and ensured proper scaling for loot bags.

Quality of Life Changes:

  • Menu Navigation: Fixed an issue where players couldn't exit the settings menu using the "ESC" key, eliminating the need to restart the game.
  • UI Enhancements: Color-coded ability icons for easier identification and updated the player buffs display on the health bar for better visibility.
  • Respawn Mechanic: Addressed falling off the world edge with no respawn; players must now relog to reset their position.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various Ability Issues: Addressed cooldown inconsistencies, incorrect particle effects, and targeting issues across multiple abilities.
  • Animation and Particle Fixes: Corrected animations and particle effects for abilities like Sword R and Frost Blink to match their intended visuals.
  • Health and Mana: Standardized health and mana pools to 1000 for consistency across the player base.

Known Issues Under Investigation:

  • Building Plan Functionality: We're aware of issues with the building plan not working as intended and are actively working on a fix.
  • Auto-Attack Mechanism: Investigating the hammer auto attack malfunction and addressing the absence of particle effects for dodge maneuvers.

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