UE-5.3.2 - V0.2

Closed Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.2 - Change List

March 7, 2024

Server and Performance Enhancements:

  • Linux Server Upgrade: Upgraded our Linux servers for enhanced stability and performance.
  • Optimized Map Performance: Implemented optimizations for the map, including the integration of Nanite and Lumen technologies, ensuring a more dynamic and immersive environment.

Gameplay Mechanics and Content Updates:

  • Character and Mob Adjustments:some text
    • Increased character health and adjusted damage output to balance combat interactions.
    • Mobs now drop gold, adding more depth to the economy and rewarding player engagement.
  • Harvesting and Resources:some text
    • Expanded harvestable resources, including all trees and most mining nodes.
    • Hatchet and Pickaxe now respawn in specific chests, making essential tools more accessible.
  • Loot System: Transitioned from chests to loot bags for a more intuitive loot collection experience.

Skill, Item, and UI Enhancements:

  • Skill and Item Icons: Updated skill and item icons for a clearer and more cohesive visual language.
  • Spell and Skill Animations: Refined spell and skill animations with dimmed particles for a more polished and less intrusive visual effect.
  • Equipment Interaction: Implemented double-click functionality for equipping items, enhancing user interaction and inventory management.

Combat and Abilities Rework:

  • Weapon Skill Reworks: Comprehensive reworks for the Ice Staff, Hammer, and Bow skills, focusing on balancing and enriching the combat system.
  • Targeting System Improvements: Dimmed the selected target floor decal for better visibility and focus during combat.

World Interaction and Environment:

  • Zoom Functionality: Inverted the zoom in/out functionality based on player feedback for a more intuitive camera control.
  • Footstep Sounds: Enhanced the auditory experience with fully functional footstep sounds, adding to the immersion of the game world.
  • Farming System: Introduced farmable fruit, plantable seeds, and waterable plants, expanding the crafting and survival elements of the game.

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • Item Dropping and Retrieval: Players can now drop items in the world and pick them up, facilitating easier item management and trade.
  • Character Text Display: Adjusted character text to display above the character's head for better readability and player identification.

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