UE-5.3.2 - V0.1

Closed Access Client, UE-5.3.2 - V0.1 - Change List

March 5, 2024

Gameplay Mechanics Adjustments:

  • Hunger Mechanic Disabled: Temporarily disabled the hunger/food mechanic for testing purposes, allowing players to focus on other aspects of the game without the need for constant food management.
  • Respawn Mechanic Fix: Addressed and resolved an issue where the respawn mechanism was broken, ensuring players can now respawn correctly after death.
  • Player Name Persistence: Fixed a bug that caused player names to remain visible in the game world after the player had died or logged out, cleaning up the game environment.

Performance and Optimization:

  • High FPS on Epic Content Map: Achieved high frames per second (FPS) performance on the Epic Content Map, enhancing visual fluidity and gameplay smoothness on higher settings.
  • Mob Optimization: Optimized mob behavior and spawning mechanics, particularly for clusters of mobs that previously caused intense lag, improving game performance and player experience during combat encounters.

Equipment and Inventory Fixes:

  • Hatchet Equip Issue: Resolved an issue preventing players from equipping the hatchet, ensuring all tools and weapons work as intended.
  • Inventory Management Upon Death: Fixed a critical bug where dying from starvation with an open inventory led to inventory management issues upon respawn. The recommended temporary fix is to restart the game if this issue occurs.

Known Issues Under Investigation:

  • Death from Starvation Inventory Bug: While we've implemented a fix for inventory issues related to death from starvation, we're continuing to monitor this for a 100% resolution and recommend restarting the game as a temporary workaround if problems persist.
  • Optimizing Mobs: Though improvements have been made, we're still fine-tuning mob optimization to further reduce any lag caused by large numbers of mobs.

May 2024

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